The Ultimate Fermenting Guide

The Ultimate Fermenting Guide

We are so excited to see so many people getting interested in adding ferments into their life - an age-old and largely untapped resource for our gut health and immunity.

This week I’ve been reading the ULTIMATE fermenting bible - The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2012). He talks about how “most food and beverage fermentation processes are ancient rituals that humans have been performing since before the dawn of history”.

Here in New Zealand fermenting for health, immunity and longevity isn’t a daily ritual for many of us. This means that we are missing out on all the amazing health benefits these foods offer... Most of my friends and family probably aren’t going to start making their own kim chi and natto and including them in their meals anytime soon. 

This is where Clover Ferments comes in - as an EASY and effective way to incorporate ferments and all their benefits into your life daily without having to change anything else about your lifestyle.

3 shots a day. One of each tonic. You don’t have to change anything else!


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