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From humble beginnings, we've now grown to share our gut-nourishing tonics with countless incredible humans across NZ. But, our story of Clover Ferments started with the review of one very special little girl - Clover.

Where our story began...

Baby Clover, our co-founder Steph’s daughter, had such major gut issues when she was born that she could only tolerate 3 foods, even indirectly through breast milk.
Nothing was working

Little Clover was struggling, and so was Steph

Clover would have extreme reactions to anything beyond her three “safe foods” from intense bouts of screaming, hives or rashes, blood in her diapers, as well as uncomfortable reflux, gas, and bloating.

Steph explored every avenue to find a solution...

One day, another mum asked Steph if she knew about anaerobic fermentation. Steph hadn’t heard of it but was willing to try anything, so she started to make special anaerobic ferments. Waiting the three weeks for that first carrot tonic felt sooooo long!

Once the tonics were ready both Clover and Steph started “low and slow” as recommended.

They were so powerful that having too much could cause a detox reaction. So little Clover started on just 5mls and Steph on 30mls.

Say hello to game-changing transformational tonics

Fermented tonics work wonders on gut health for everyone

After a year of failing every food except their safe three, within a month of being on the ferments Clover was happily eating ALL meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables and soon after could tolerate everything.

Since this fateful discovery we've been spreading the word!

Small batched brewed, our tonics are simple but powerful. Our three hero tonics, the blend, the beet and the turmeric, contain the magic of vegetables, salt, spring water and time.

Simple, honest ingredients, that work. It's a simple way to look after your gut and all the things that your gut is connected to - in a few shots a day.

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Words from our community

We think our Kvass tonics are pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it! That's why we're thrilled to share the stories and reviews of our incredible community. Hear from individuals who have renewed sense of well-being from using our tonics.

  • “My daughter has been regular since she's been consistently taking the blends. It's been weeks now and she is going like clockwork each day. She's struggled with constipation for so long so it's pretty exciting."

    ── Anon
  • “After one week of sampling the tonics, I noticed a significant improvement in my candida. All abnormal symptoms went away. I will continue takin the tonics to boost my overall gut health. I love the taste too!"

    ── Anon
  • “One week down and already seeing an improvement of eczema on my hands and my IBS has settled as well!

    ── Eleanor
  • "Since finding and taking Clover Ferments my baby girl's colic and reflux symptoms are completely gone, and her skin is the best it has ever been."

    - Tayla
  • "My digestive health has never ever been so regular and efficient. Constipation is a thing of the past."

    ── Anon

Powerfully potent, our ferments are hand-batch crafted in New Zealand.

Still curious about all the goodness we fit in a single tonic?

Keep scrolling to find out more about our process.

How the magic happens

When making our small batch brewed Kvass tonics, we use a process called anaerobic fermentation. It's a special method where we seal our brew - which creates an environment for optimal fermentation and minimises histamine production, making our Kvass gentle on sensitive tummies...
Let’s prepare to brew

Step one of fermentation

To kick things off for fermentation  we begin with preparing the vegetables in the brew. After washing and chopping them, we mix them with a carefully balanced blend of salt and spring water. We then carefully seal the batch so beneficial bacteria thrive in an oxygen-free environment. The result is a powerhouse of live probiotics, essential nutrients, and vibrant flavours that you know and love.

It’s time for the magic

Step two of fermentation

After sealing our brews, we let time work its wonders. During this fermentation period (at least 3 weeks) the natural transformation occurs as the good bacteria consume sugars, produce probiotics, & develop their distinct flavours. This slow, purposeful process allows our tonics to reach their full potential, ensuring maximum health benefits in every bottle.

Crafted with care, bottled with love

Step three of fermentation

Our tonics are hand-bottled to preserve all the goodies inside for your consumption. Each bottle contains all the beneficial probiotics, nutrients, and flavours of our carefully crafted Kvass brews, which we distribute to you fresh and at the perfect time for consumption.

The Clover Ferments Team

  • Steph Campbell


    Steph discovered the amazing power of anaerobic fermentation while trying to heal her daughters gut issues. She has never looked back and is obsessed to say the least. Steph is your go-to for any questions about our tonics and ordering.

  • Mary-Anne Parker


    Inspired by Steph on a joint family trip to Stewart Island Mary-Anne has embraced ferments for life! "The tonics give me such a boost, and my insides are way less sluggish." Being a Chartered Accountant by trade, Mary-Anne looks after all things business for Clover Ferments.

  • Jorgia Van Kan


    Jorgia runs the Clover Fermentary. She is a chef by trade, a nutrition consultant and a mama. After starting her tonic journey, the eczema on her hands has never looked better and her digestion is amazing.Her and her son sip on the ferments daily!

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