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Baby Clover, our co-founder Steph’s daughter, had such major gut issues when she was born that she could only tolerate 3 foods, even indirectly through breast milk. When she introduced Kvass, everything changed!

With every sip of our handcrafted tonics, you are investing in you and your families gut health and well-being. 

Inspired by Clover's healing journey, we created Clover Ferments with a burning passion to share the incredible benefits of these fermented tonics.

We truly believe that gut health is the foundation of overall well-being, and our tonics are a testament to that. Made in small batches, using 100% certified organic produce whenever possible, our tonics harness the potency of vegetables, salt, spring water, and time.

Our tonics have not only helped baby Clover but also countless children and adults struggling with gut and digestive issues. It's a testament to the power of natural, nourishing ferments.

From humble roots, we’re proudly helping Kiwis reclaim their gut health.

It started with healing baby Clover, and now we have a thriving community of hundreds of Kiwis who have experienced the transformative power of our Kvass tonics firsthand. Hear the incredible stories of reclaiming their gut health and quality of life. 

Words from our community

We think our Kvass tonics are pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it! That's why we're thrilled to share the stories and reviews of our incredible community. Hear from individuals who have renewed sense of well-being from using our tonics.

  • My husband has ulcerative colitis and has said these tonics have made such a difference in his gut health. I on the other hand have been on a lot of antibiotics recently and my gut has been amazing ever since I started taking the tonics.

    - Dominique M
  • "From about 7 weeks of age we battled with severe eczema and food allergies and nothing the GP and specialists prescribed worked for him. Steph from Clover Ferments has been so helpful right from the start so when he was 8 months old I started him on the tonics. Within a few weeks his skin had cleared! He is now 10 months old and we have not had one flare even including little bits of food he was previously allergic to!! Honestly life changing can not recommend enough."

    Courtney S
  • "I've gone through breast cancer and leukemia and really struggled with my gut health. Within a week of taking the tonics, my bowel motions were so much better, my gut feels healthier, I have less gas and bloating and I'm very impressed!"

    - Kate T
  • "I’ve always had eczema on my hands and working in kitchen hasn’t helped. I tried Clover for a bit and saw some improvement but as soon as I stopped I still got flare ups. After introducing the turmeric tonic with the blend or beetroot that’s where I saw the biggest improvement. I stopped for 3 months earlier this year and my hands still didn’t flare up again. This has been life changing!"

    - Anon
  • “The ferments are doing me a world of good after being on the strongest antibiotics for reoccurring bladder infections. My doctor told me Clover would be a great addition. I am 86 and I have a spring in my step now after being so ill. I can now remember what I did 5 minutes ago and even went for a walk yesterday. These are things I was struggling with just last week and it’s all thanks to Clover."

    - Lynette
  • I've been meaning to mention that I've been using the ferments throughout this pregnancy, Last pregnancy I had really bad constipation and I haven't had any this pregnancy and think it's all due to the ferments. Absolute life saver!!

    - Anon
  • “Your product is amazing!!! My daughter has chronic autoimmune illness as well as psoriasis. Within a few days of starting the ferments some of her psoriasis lesions started to heal.”

    ── Anon
  • “I’ve definitely felt some physical improvements, but the mental health improvements are insane! It’s been 3 of the brightest weeks I’ve had in a few years. It hits different to any probiotic or gut supplement I’ve had.”

    ── Emma S
  • "I’ve suffered from migraines since I was a teenager, as well as hay fever and eczema. My migraines were particularly bad last year around spring time and I had never made the connection between histamine intolerance and migraines. I’ve been on Clover Ferments for over a year now and have also been migraine free. I put this down to the ferments for sure as all my other allergy symptoms are much less than they have ever been!"

    ── Anon
  • “I LOVE the tonics. I’ve found a really refinement with them - enjoying them morning, noon and night as a beautiful ritual. I feel more energised with the tonics. That may be my favourite quality I’ve noticed since taking them. Another welcomed side effect is that eczema I’ve had on my fingers (for over two years’, since the birth of my oldest son) has all but gone. I’m sure this is down to the tonics as when I had a week off the tonics by accident, the eczema came back in full force!”

    ── Eleanor
  • “Your tonics have changed my life !! I have had a temperamental tummy since I can remember and for the first time in my life my bowel is happy and regular !! I also have had a huge change in energy levels since taking these and my cholesterol levels have gone down significantly which I also assume is the tonics, totally amazing ! Never going to stop taking them. I also love that I am taking something real and fresh and alive (rather than powders or a pill) Thank you so much for your wonderful product.”

    ── Hannah CC
  • "I am loving the tonics. I recovered from a cold in record time and cannot believe how well I’ve fared this winter so far. Usually I get multiple illnesses in the colder months so I’m really happy, no gut issues either!"

    ── Anonymous
  • “I love them so much I want more! I take them religiously and they make me feel so healthy”

    ── Stacey
    After her first week
  • “Loving the ferments. My gut feels so good and I’m noticing a real effect on my hormones and being able to regulate anxiety better! Very cool, especially being a volunteer firefighter. Feeling energised and even craving these shots now!”

    ── Anon
  • “I really dislike taking pills, so I love that I can now take my daily probiotics via a drink!”

    ── Michal
  • "I am obsessed with the tonics! They helped my 3 year old get over his constipation issues. And have supported my 2 year old after multiple gastro bugs and so many antibiotics last year for ear infections."

    - Anon
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