Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    • Do you need to take all three tonics?

      We have designed our new blend kvass so that you are only needing to have the one tonic 1-3 times a day! However for more stubborn cases of skin issues (e.g ezcema) we recommend going for a pack with the turmeric in it and likewise if you need immune support or are struggling with inflammation.

    • What do they taste like? Kombucha? Cold pressed carrot juice?

      They have a very unique taste and are not similar to those drinks! There is ZERO added sugar so they are not sweet, they taste more salty, savoury and earthy. Fermentation allows us to really access the goodness of the vegetables plus creating the natural probiotics and digestive enzymes in the fermentation process.

    • How do you get your kids to drink them?

      We understand that not every kid is going to scull them back like Clover, so if your kids don’t like the taste, you can add them to other food. The beetroot is delicious in smoothies, while the more savoury blend kvass is best mixed into meals like soups, stews and pasta sauce. The daily dose for children is fairly small, so some parents have mixed them through porridge and weetbix unnoticed .

    • What if even as an adult I don’t like the taste?

      Keep trying to shot them back! Some people love the taste from the get go, while others take a while to get used to it. Soon you’re body will be craving them! We love a good beetroot spritzer, beetroot tonic, sparkling water, or something sweeter if you feel the need, ice, lemon/lime and mint. Beet kvass can also be made into delicious salad dressings. You can also add to food and smoothies like the kids!

    • Who is Clover Ferments for?

      - People who have been on antibiotics or any other medications that strip the gut of good bacteria - Adults or children with food intolerances or allergies - Individuals with digestive issues - gas and bloating, diarrhoea or constipation - Anyone looking to improve their overall health and immune system - it all starts with a healthy gut

    • Do the tonics contain alcohol?

      All 3 tonics have been tested and are all below 0.15% ABV, basically negligible.

    • When shall I drink them?

      You will be having your tonics 1 -3 times a day (depending on which pack you have chosen and your lifestyle/routine). Ideally you would have your tonics just before a meal to aid digestion but any time is fine - the main thing is consistency!

    • It’s my second week and I’m feeling amazing ! How do I know when to increase my dose?

      If you are not experiencing digestive discomfort and your body and gut seems to be tolerating your current dose then you can increase it by 10 - 20 mls and see how your body reacts.

    • Can the beetroot make my urine go pink?

      It can, especially initially. This is called Beeturia and can occur from consuming beetroot in any form. This is natural and normal and tends to go away as your body gets used to the daily tonic.

    • Why should I go low and slow?

      Fermented foods are powerful and when the body is strongly reacting to all of the good probiotics and eliminating the bad bacteria in the gut you can experience some symptoms. It’s far better to build your gut bacteria up slowly and consistently than giving it too much of a good thing when it’s not ready.

    • This weeks tonic tastes a bit different/is fizzier/is a different colour than it was last week?

      Each batch is unique and can vary in taste and texture. Why? We use beautiful vegetables, organic whenever possible. One week the beetroot might taste slightly more earthy, or be a browner colour. Another week they might be sweeter and a bright red. Some batches might even be fizzy, as the tonics are naturally effervescent from the carbon dioxide during the process.

    • What do I do with my box and bottles?

      Hold on to them! We strive to be #wastefreewarriors. When they are empty, rinse your bottles until they run clear and then pop them back in the box. In Auckland, put them out on your next delivery day and we will pick them up when we deliver. Out of Auckland, repack them and affix the return courier label, let us know, and we will organise a courier to pick them up.

    • What are the ingredients in the tonics?

      The ingredients are simple - the vegetable or fruit (carrot, beetroot, cabbage, turmeric, ginger, lemon, pepper), water and salt. That’s it !

    • How long do the tonics last?

      Unopened they will last 60 days from bottling. Once opened its best to consume within 7 days for optimum nutrition and high probiotic count. This is why we deliver weekly, to ensure you don’t go without. However the tonics are still safe and very beneficial within 14 days so we do have a fortnightly option as well. In the early weeks while you are building up your dose, feel free to share around with family and friends so the tonic doesn’t go to waste.

    • How long will shipping be?

      We send out orders once a week, you'll generally find that you'll receive your ferments on a Wednesday or Thursday but some of our lucky locals may receive them earlier! Any issues with shipping just reach out to Steph.

  • Subscriptions

    • Can I cancel at any time?

      We'll be sorry to see you go! Yes you can, you can do that through your account login. We've recently upgraded our website, so if you have any issues logging in send Steph a quick email and we'll help out.

    • What is the benefit of a subscription

      Like anything health and wellness related, the benefit builds over time! A subscription allows you to build up the habit so you get maximum benefit.

    • Can I change the frequency of deliveries?

      If you're on a low dose you might be struggling to get through your tonics, if that's the case you might decide fortnightly or monthly deliveries work better for you. You can do this by changing your subscription through your account, or send Steph a quick email.

  • Account

    • How do I manage my subscription?

      When you go to log in, but BEFORE you log in, there will be a button below that says "Manage subscriptions". Click there to pause, cancel, swap your subscription.

    • What is my account for?

      Your account is where we keep your personal, order and payment details. These are personal to you and your login! We can access your order history so if you ever have a question we can lend a hand.

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