Made from borosilicate glass this handy beaker is perfect for measuring your daily doses of Clover tonics.

Glass Beaker

Perfect for your daily dose!

Made from borosilicate glass this handy beaker is perfect for measuring your daily doses of Clover tonics.

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Made from borosilicate glass this handy beaker is perfect for measuring your daily doses of Clover tonics.

Everything you need to know about our Fermented Tonics

Beet, carrot and cabbage tonic for your well-being and gut health. Rather than pop a pill or supplement get back to our ancestors way of doing things, just the magic of vegetables, spring water, salt and time.

Such an easy way to include fermented foods in your life.

We strive to be waste free warriors and do our part for the planet so we encourage you to return your bottles for us to reuse! In Auckland you simply leave your empties out on delivery day and nationwide we send you a return slip to ship them straight back to us #zerowaste

We deliver on Thursdays - get your order in by midday Tuesday for a same week delivery

We’re often asked the following...

  • What do they taste like?

    They have a very unique taste and are not similar to those drinks! There is ZERO added sugar so they are not sweet, they taste more salty and savoury. The carrot is often a surprise as it doesn’t taste like a store bought carrot juice. It is often thick and can taste zingy. Fermentation allows us to really access the goodness of the carrots plus creating the natural probiotics and digestive enzymes in the fermentation process.

  • Do you need to take all three tonics?

    The 3 tonics - carrot, beet and cabbage all have different nutritional properties, different strands of probiotics and different benefits. When consuming all 3 daily, they work together to support and rebuild the gut. Just having some beet for example is great, but when having the trio,this is where you will see real changes happen.

  • Who is Clover Ferments for?
    • People who have been on antibiotics or any other medications that strip the gut of good bacteria
    • Adults or children with food intolerances or allergies
    • Individuals with digestive issues - gas and bloating, diarrhoea or constipation
    • Anyone looking to improve their overall health and immune system - it all starts with a healthy gut
  • How do you get your kids to drink them?

    We understand that not every kid is going to scull them back like Clover, so if your kids don’t like the taste, you can add them to other food.

    Carrot and beetroot are delicious in smoothies, while the super savoury cabbage is best mixed into meals like soups, stews, pasta sauce.

    The daily dose for children is fairly small, so some parents have mixed them through porridge and weetbix unnoticed . 

  • How long do the tonics last?

    Unopened they will last 60 days from bottling. Once opened its best to consume within 7 days for optimum nutrition and high probiotic count. This is why we deliver weekly, to ensure you don’t go without. However the tonics are still safe and very beneficial within 14 days so we do have a fortnightly option as well.

    In the early weeks while you are building up your dose, feel free to share around with family and friends so the tonic doesn’t go to waste.

  • Why should I go low and slow?

    Fermented foods are powerful and when the body is strongly reacting to all of the good probiotics and eliminating the bad bacteria in the gut you can experience some symptoms. It’s far better to build your gut bacteria up slowly and consistently than giving it too much of a good thing when it’s not ready.

Customer Reviews

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Kiri Gilbert
Love it

Love the little glass beaker, makes measuring out the tonics easy

Corina Bates

Glass Beaker

Erin Carn-Bennett

Glass Beaker

Rachel Greenland

Super handy to have it measured and drink from

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